Yoga for Horseriders

Results are magical -  Horses that want to be with you ... that come and try to join in when you are “playing” with one of the others, horses that see you like a big, strong uncle:  fun to be with, trusted, the one to turn to when in doubt for guidance, someone they would do anything for.  

Here are just a few of ours ...

Once terrified of water ....


... Josie now asks to stop for a drink and a splash about.

Happy relaxed equines


Lively and superbly responsive, these two left their pals and food far behind to come and be with me instead.

Keeping the spirit


Bright, alert and curious, how we love that curiosity 

Softly and calmly

                      Over the bridge and home we go

                                 smiling all the way



Feel, timing and balance for a soft, light and happy horse