It's fun, interesting, challenging and relaxing

Genuine, all-inclusive yoga, which can be called Poorna Yoga

Learning with laughter

This is Yoga that affects the whole being expertly taught in a friendly, calm, supportive atmosphere conducive to deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation whilst simultaneously stimulating the brain as well as the body.  All aspects of Yoga are included so that as well as firming and toning from head to toe the body's natural healing processes are enhanced and the positive aspects of your personality shine brighter.  Progression is a key element as this keeps it fun and light-heartedly challenging.  This Yoga is a pleasure to do and induces feelings of contentment and joyfulness that carry over into the rest of life .

Don't you love Nick's smile?


Each session will include an initial relaxation and breathing technique followed by movements to loosen joints, warm up the muscles and cleanse to remove toxins.  We then move into a variety of flowing movements and static postures to stretch tone, firm and strengthen every part of the body.  There are balancing poses to improve concentration and memory as well as emotional equanimity, pranayama to raise energy through the chakras, inverted poses for their rejuvenating effects.  Poses to brighten the eyes, give a beautiful complexion and reduce wrinkles (which seems to work!)  Many different methods of relaxing finish off the session, including simple techniques using pebbles, visualization, candles, sounds, music and gazing that lead into meditation without seed.  

For many years every session will include something new! 

How is Poorna Yoga different from, say Hatha Yoga?


 There is much more to it, Poorna Yoga includes everything whereas Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga or Viniyoga, almost any other word usually means 'abridged' Yoga, Yoga with something missing.  Poorna Yoga adds more to the beautiful stretches and poses of hatha yoga, it includes breathing exercises and pranayama to enhance mental functioning, increase your energy, vitality and health, and many wonderful and varied techniques to induce deep tranquil relaxation along with interesting ways to prepare for and ultimately lead naturally into meditation if desired.  We will go deeper and explore cleansing practises, mudras, bandhas, mantra, yama, niyama, maya, and more, this is holistic yoga that benefits not only the body but also the mind, emotions and spirit to leave you feeling relaxed yet lively and alert.

Eastern teachings offer us much that we have lost and I think that Yoga with this taken out is no longer Yoga but just physical exercise and relaxation.  Real Yoga sparks off new and interesting thoughts and feelings, it is more than a pleasurable 90 minute lesson a week, it remains with you and affects you deeply, giving you greater control over your emotions, more compassion and a rich enjoyment of the beauty and diversity of life and the world. 

 Poorna Yoga as well as firming and toning is energising, refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalising because it includes: 


  • Beautiful long stretches and held poses to release tension, energise and revitalise the body.
  • Balancing poses which enhance positive emotions to improve poise, concentration and memory.
  • Rhythmic poses to improve co-ordination develop muscle control, harmony, fluidity and grace.
  • Flowing sequences, some very light, to develop fine muscle control, co-ordination, awareness and to experience mindfulness meditation.
  • Static poses for strengthening, healing, keeping youthful and for improving mental functioning.
  • Poses that promote healing mentally and emotionally as well as physically that also reduce feelings of anxiety and develop emotional strength.
  • Breathing exercises to cleanse and de-toxify the body, improve health and well-being and give a beautiful complexion.  These also calm and refresh the mind.
  • Pranayama to heal, open chakras, raise kundalini and to move closer to your inner self, your higher self or enlightenment, the choice is yours.
  • Deep relaxation to relieve anxiety, counter the negative effects of stress and restore energy and enthusiasm.  These relaxations are wonderful.
  • Visualizations and sometimes sounds to induce a state of peacefulness and tranquillity that will carry over into the rest of your life, creating a mind that is calm, focussed, lively and alert.
  • Contemplation and absorption techniques that generate energy and heal whilst inducing a quiet state of mind ready to flow effortlessly into meditation which is excellent for mental, physical and emotional well-being.

What else will this Yoga do for me?

Make your mind as well as your body more flexible, strong and vibrant

Yoga should relax always, relieve usually, cure sometimes.

Deep, restful relaxation is an important part of Yoga.  It is calming, healing, restorative and rejuvenating.  It is now well known that when the mind is relaxed the autonomous nervous system is affected. 

Many of the poses have beneficial effects on the body which seem to be a result of the improved circulation and stimulating the central nervous system arising when Yoga is taught well.  Not only the inner organs benefit, but also the hair, skin and nails.  You will often see that people who practise Yoga have shiny hair, clear skin and good nails.

A student in deep relaxation
A student in deep relaxation