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I offer you peace

I offer you love

I offer you friendship

I see your beauty

I see your needs

I see your feelings


My wisdom comes from a higher source

I salute that source in you.

Words from Mahatma Gandhi

Yoga with Yogini Penny Jolly


expertly taught in and around Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

Beautifully extending Yoga that affects the mind and emotions as well as the body.

All the photos are authentic to show you real people doing the poses rather than imported models and, although you might not guess it, students shown range from in their twenties up to in their eighties.  If you would like to see what you can do visit the Photos page. Please be patient, it takes a while to load.

This Yoga is much more than just physical activity and it includes all the lovely long stretches and poses of Hatha Yoga as well as Dru Yoga sequences.  Many people come at first just to firm and tone their body and keep supple then, finding they enjoy all the other aspects they keep coming.

Learning with laughter - in a large Hall with plenty of room for more to join 
                                        (in Upton Bishop)

Relaxing, revitalizing and rejuvenating: John naturally takes the Mudra in this

          The Intermediate level group in Ross on the comfortable clean carpeted floor

 Tess, nearest in a steady, perfectly-curved Scorpion pose, a very advanced
 balance on the arms; Helen and Ruth are not so advanced but soon will be.

What others say (more on Photos and Testimonials page):

Thank you so much for all the wonderful yoga - I feel so much better now! I
have to say that you are such a good teacher, by far the very best I have
ever been taught by. I always feel completely secure and safe in your class - you have so much depth of knowledge and I always feel so relaxed and
beautifully stretched afterwards.
Gillxx (who trained as a BWY Teacher)
Spring 2012

This Yoga reaches back to the roots of Yoga and the symbol of the Lotus flower.  The Lotus flower starts life buried in the mud at the bottom of a pond but rises up out of the mud to the surface to enjoy the light and warmth of the sun and to open out into its full splendour offering its scent freely to the world.  This Yoga is to help you grow and reveal the positive aspects of your personality, to become stronger and more contented in order to live happily in this world as it is.

For a fuller explanation please go to About the Yoga.

You are welcome to come along to one free session to make sure you like it before joining.  There are groups for different levels:  Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner.  We welcome everyone, tall, short, fat, fit, happy, sad, shy or outgoing, male or female.  If you would like to come and do real Yoga in a relaxed, purposeful, serious yet light-hearted and joyful way, please contact me to arrange your free taster session. 

Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Yoga classes taught in and near : Aston Ingham, Dymock near Ledbury, Gloucester, Hartpury, Highnam, Highleadon, Huntley, Newent, Ross-on-Wye, Rudford and Upton Bishop.
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