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Yoga for Horseriders

Yoga for Horseriders


   If you would like your horse to be
   calm yet alert, lively and superbly
   responsive, this is an excellent step
   towards that.


  Combined with Silversand Horsemanship the results are magical:  horses that want to be with you, that come and try to join in when you are “playing” with one of the others, horses that see you like a big, strong uncle:  fun to be with, trusted, the one to turn to when in doubt for guidance, someone they would do anything for.


  Light at the end
            of the Tunnel …

“at last, they’ve
        found Silversand!”


Yoga will give you a strong yet very flexible
body, mental and emotional strength, focus
and awareness.  Silversand will give you brilliant techniques, everything you need for your horse to give you their very best in a calm, confident way.  If this is what you would like then go to




  Yoga in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

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