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Photos and Testimonials


        Advanced Balancing                     Seated in absorption              Perfect back alignment (rarely

                                                                                                         seen in Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Twist for the supple        Anyone can learn – even a horse!        Bharadvajasana sideways


            Head of a Cow                        This Hare pose helps                    The Mountain to increase

            Gomukhasana                  relieve headaches and migraines!             resistance to infections






   Alex perfectly balanced in a beautifully serene Bow            Angela in a light, relaxed 
   done superbly as you can see with the feet higher                Head of a Cow Pose
     than the head and the whole body comfortable.



Margaret's back bend is superb, ready to do safely the Fish variation shown above, then add a Half-Lotus and entwine the arms to move into a version of Vatayanasana, right

Below almost every student
has a perfectly aligned back which you can see clearly if you look at Mo, far right in black





          Great for the legs, Sirsangusthasana,                         A balance to lift your spirits:  the

         a moving pose, speeds up recovery                   young woman on the left found Yoga very

                 after infectious illnesses                            effective in  aiding recovery from depression



To illustrate how this Yoga is taught in a way that allows everyone to progress:  first you learn the leg position, above left, then the Head of a Cow shown further up.  Once that is easy you learn the Mountain in the Lotus (centre) and then a variation on the Fish, above right.  When the Fish is comfortable you add the Head of a Cow arm position to the Lotus.  Simultaneously, for balance, you learn Dhruvasana then the Tree (Vrksasana) until you can put it all together and you move into Janu-Asana, below, an advanced balance requiring suppleness, strength and concentration.



Below are two other balances, one seated, to improve concentration and increase elasticity in the legs and back.  The Raven, bearing all the weight on the hands is an excellent bone-loading pose to help prevent osteoporosis and, with a slightly different leg position can be used to soften the appetite, increase confidence, improve balance and resolution, or, with a slight adjustment, to increase prana.


To finish, here is Bill, who has been coming to me for nearly 20 years.  He rides over from Malvern for his lessons, you might like to guess how old he is.


On his 70th birthday Bill said "I've got such a lot of energy, I don't know where it all comes from, it must be the Yoga!"  Now. at well over 70, Bill still performs the Shoulderstand with ease (shame the photo's not so good)


From Alson, a fully qualified Yoga Teacher:  I learn so much at Penny's Yoga classes, every term is different. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is vast. From describing how to make small adjustments so a yoga pose is just right, to bringing Yoga philosophy alive - sharing stories, quotes and readings. I especially enjoy the breathing practices which calm and energise me so well. Penny's thorough knowledge and attention to detail sat her apart!  Alison Nov 2017

I’ve been enjoying Penny’s classes for several years now, and I can’t recommend them enough.  Penny has a lovely way of teaching, where each person in the class benefits from her personal attention as needed so everyone can work at a pace that suits them. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about yogic practice in general, both in terms of the poses as well as the benefits they each offer.  What’s more, Penny enhances the class experience with lovely readings or other breathing or meditation practices that I find support my overall sense of wellbeing.  Tanya, Nov 2017

Not having ever done yoga or been to any type of class for several years,  I signed up with Penny after a specific referral from my doctor. I was very apprehensive but needn’t have been. 
Penny has such a wonderful calming voice that I wish I could bottle and take home. I have been doing yoga with Penny for a few years now and although I suffer with arthritis my body is more flexible than it’s been for decades. Penny also teaches you to breathe, (sounds daft) it’s not. Penny is very patient and caring and I’m sure she’s also made me a more mindful and better person too. THANKS PENNY.  Debby Nov 2017

Whatever mood I am in when I come home from work, and sometimes as a teacher I am a little stressed, I KNOW that when I go to yoga I am going to feel completely de- stressed when I finish! Our group is so amazing that I always feel uplifted, both by them and you!
Plus I am much more bendy now.  Sarah Nov  2017

I am 66 years old and had tried a class with another Yoga  teacher a long time ago and did not enjoy or benefit from that class.
I came to Penny's class with a slightly ambivalent frame of mind but within half an hour of joining her class I felt comfortable and relaxed, feeling there was no competition or hierarchy within the class. I know that I am fitter, more flexible and better balanced in every way, both physically and mentally, because of the gentle teaching and good humour that Penny gives to all her students.
Cannot do without her teaching.  Vicky Nov 2017

From a student who, although young, had a badly broken hip:
I always look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with Penny and it’s lovely to be part of a group where everyone is so friendly and fun.
Penny radiates an aura of calm and tranquility and I always feel relaxed and refreshed in body and mind at the end of her class.
Thank you Penny for your help with my recovery after my hip operation when I couldn’t really do many of the poses. I never felt uncomfortable coming to class and really appreciated your consideration of my limitations at the time.

Cathy Nov 2017

Thank you for such enjoyable Yoga instruction.  Every class a truly life enriching experience.
I will really miss my weekly class with you but know that I can continue to build on the knowledge that you have so generously imparted.
With much love and many thanks, Liz

I did just want to say a few things about all that the yoga has given me.  
After somewhat shaky beginnings,I have come to really enjoy the yoga and the gentle peace you foster in the sessions - I have no doubt that it has helped me, in many ways, over the last, often difficult,year or two and I am in a much stronger place than when I started..(hopefully physically as well as mentally!).Thank you so very much for your quiet support  and patience, space-giving and acceptance- it has meant a huge amount..... April 2012  (Anonymity requested)

I have so much enjoyed my yoga this term…and I was childishly thrilled to be able to touch the floor yesterday!!...what a baby….!

Thank you so much for all your effort, kindness and love….given so freely to all of us. Deb April 2012

I love your yoga classes, Rog still can't believe that I willingly get out of my cosy bed on dark winter mornings to come each week..
Here are a couple of lines for you.
"Penny Jolly's yoga classes are relaxing yet stimulating.  She encourages everyone to go at their own pace, yet has the ability to stretch everyone in a happy non-competitive environment."  Ali 27:2:2011

I started Yoga with Penny last year when I moved to the area and since then my one and a half hour sessions on Friday mornings have been very special, a time that I cherish. Having been used to Yoga classes in a gym where the emphasis was rather more on fitness than anything else, these sessions have been extremely refreshing

.Penny’s classes are truly holistic in that she not only provides help with physical wellbeing but looks after us all as individual personalities too. She can gently coach each of us into postures that suit our body’s characteristics and abilities, helping us to improve a little each week. There’s never any pressure to move into postures that are uncomfortable but she does help us to develop and challenge ourselves gently – if we want to!  As a result, we are all becoming stronger and more flexible and can challenge ourselves more as time goes on. Penny often provides ‘food for thought’ ideas or reads us short passages that she thinks will be of interest to us, often related to self development. These often get us talking as a group. The last part of each session has some form of relaxation and Penny changes this each time, providing us with sounds, objects etc, some form of focus or help with relaxing or meditation, if we want it.  Nothing is heavy and it’s all done with a smile – which is just Penny!  Libby 3:3:2011

  I began attending Yoga classes when I was 5 months pregnant, initially to try to remain supple and cope with the demands pregnancy placed on my body. My baby is now 8 months old, I still attend Yoga and very much look forward to it every week. Penny’s Yoga sessions without fail leave me feeling invigorated, refreshed and more balanced. I can't imagine life without Yoga now!  Catherine, 1:3:2011

What I always say to people about our yoga group is that they should come along; it's really lovely with a wonderful teacher who fully explains the health benefits of each pose, as well as sharing the yoga philosophy... but the thing I really love is the equal attention we pay to the breathing, the poses and the meditation, all without taking ourselves too seriously!  Nicola 29:3:2011 

From a Monday group student:  “Monday is the night of the week when I guarantee that I will have a good nights sleep!”Jenny T  12/3/2011

Yoga with Penny Jolly is one of my weekly highlights. After all the hustle and bustle of the weeks work and busy family like, it is lovely to take an hour and a half out for me. Stretching exercises and poses along with structured relaxation give one a sense of calm and well being, as well as uplifting energy.  Melanie, 3:3:2011 

"The practice of yoga enables students to tune into areas of the body, mind and emotions beyond the reach of other physical, intellectual and spiritual practices.   It improves general health, suppleness, movement, relaxation and wellbeing.   It is energising as well as calming and improves physical and mental strength".  Margaret O 27:2:2011 

I have enjoyed Penny's wonderful yoga classes for 2 years. They are a great way of exercising- I feel fitter, more relaxed, and more ENERGISED since I started. Helen, 27:2:2011 

From a new yogi perspective, the classes have helped me to de-stress, improve flexibility and I also use the breathing techniques when I am struggling to sleep, which help a lot. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and, while I may not be able to achieve a good many of the poses yet, just trying to do them leaves me feeling revived yet calm. I think the number of people in your classes speaks volumes!  Claire B, 28:2:2011 

Caroline, recovering from 3 paralyising strokes at the age of 40 and an inspiration wrote: Yoga is good for the mind, good for the body and good for me. I do what I can and there is never any pressure to go beyond that. I have improved my range of movement and flexibility no end since I have been practising yoga.  I often have to perform modifications of the exercise that the others are doing.  But over time I have found that the amount of exercise and time that I can join in for has increased.  I think that it is a safe form of exercise which has meant that my general well-being has increased drastically and my reliance on tablets has decreased. 27:2:2011 

I look forward to Penny's yoga sessions every week - a chance to stretch out my body, free my mind from all the day's minor irritations and refresh my spirits. Penny is the gentlest possible teacher with very precise requirements, making sure that you really are stretching the right muscles without damage, but urging you to find and test your own limits. Highly recommended, try it!  Claire V, 28:2:2011  

If I were telling someone why I enjoy yoga, it would be along the lines of having increased flexibility and also increasing awareness and acceptance of my body.  With reference to your classes in particular, the atmosphere is friendly and supportive, so that even though I started as a virtual novice, I felt welcomed and encouraged.  Sarah W 27:2:2011 

The classes are always changing so no matter how long one has practised there are always postures one might never have performed before.  The class has a safe, calm environment, with help from Penny, the yogini where needed.  Each session ends with relaxation/meditation.   Pam M 27:2:2011   Yoga is an excellent way to boost your physical and mental well-being. Regular students say that they come out of classes both relaxed and invigorated and carry many benefits into their daily lives. Its fun trying new poses and a surprise to find how quickly you can improve your strength and flexibility. Whatever your age or fitness level, yoga can benefit you – and men, it’s for you too.  Margaret, 28:2:2011 

From French Alex:  here are my thoughts: Receiving Yoga classes with Penny is a gift to everyone who wants to feel better in his body and in his head. She helps you to understand your body in order to control it in your everyday life. More than a yoga lesson you explore the deep spiritual world of meditation in which you learn how to relax and how to be conscious of the present moment.  3:3:2011 

Something special I think you do (apart from the yoga!) is that you frequently ask for feedback on what the group/individuals want from sessions and consistently check that people are happy with what you deliver, you are very observant and always prepared to adapt an exercise to a particular person's capability. You gently build on a solid repertoire of stretches and poses and yet introduce new things and variety so that sessions are never dull and sometimes challenging. Lorna, 1:3:2011    

Accessible, enjoyable, relaxing and beneficialThe atmosphere in Penny’s yoga classes is  non competitive, non judgemental and supportive. Her gentle and encouraging teaching style allows everyone, whatever stage they are at in yoga,   Why not come along to see if you enjoy the feeling of being relaxed, free from the door bell and the telephone and feeling yourself gradually become more supple and generally better able to cope with life. You may feel yoga is not for you, but at least think of trying it. It won't make you look like Madonna,but it may introduce you to a group of people with whom you may have much in common and who may become new friends.You may also have a good,healthy laugh and use your little grey cells.  Anne W 28:2:2011   

I look forward to each session and love Penny's calm manner. It has inspired me to practise at home whenever I can and I expect it to remain a part of my future.  Jo C  27:2:2011 

I have, for the last year and more, been attending a Penny’s Ross yoga group once a week (during school terms). The merit of this exercise is well balanced, harmonising and stretching, with a view to increasing suppleness; a unified willingness of mind and body. Yoga ‘once a week’ has achieved much in overcoming the ravages of age, indulgence and neglect. I am certain, however, that a ‘daily yoga routine’ would achieve more - yet still, I find, that I need the discipline of ‘the group’. I really appreciate Penny’s sensitive and peace full capacity.  Anne


Hello Penny,  Thank you again for a super year of inspired (and inspiring) yoga. I’m so lucky to have found you!  Libby, Dec 2010

Hi Penny

Thanks so much for your lovely email and I am delighted to be able to continue in your class.  I am sure that you are told all the time, but you are a wonderful teacher and your class is one of the highlights of my week.  The added bonus is the amazing night’s sleep I always have on Mondays! 

I genuinely feel amazing after your classes and you also don’t make me feel ridiculous when I can’t manage all of the poses (which other teachers often do).  The readings are also very thought-provoking and it’s wonderful to have an all-over rested calmness at the end.

Claire, Dec 2010

Thank you for another inspiring year of Yoga, Ann, Dec 2010

It's lovely to hear that you feel I'm doing ok, I certainly enjoy it, and I've never had a yoga teacher anywhere near as good as you, it really is something I look forward to each week!  Katie Jane Booth, 16th Dec 2009

I've enjoyed your classes immensely Penny, you are a gifted teacher, Love Viv, Jan 2010 

I've been going to yoga classes on and off for about 30 years - whenever I could find a class that I could fit in with family and work.   When I "retired" almost 10 years ago I was able to go along more regularly.   Without question you are the best teacher I have ever had and I feel I've made consistent progress under your guidance.   I like the variety you bring to every lesson and also the quiet calm you engender that creates a space of timelessness - I often feel surprised at how quickly the class has passed without me being conscious of the time.   I especially like the sounds we often use which I feel creates a wholeness and communication between everyone in the class.   Although I do try to practise at home it is quite difficult to let go of things happening around and I am hardly ever free of interruptions so I'm always on the alert for disturbances.

The benefits I feel from practising yoga are many.   I feel my health and wellbeing are more under my control, I feel energised and healthier and I gain a lot of inner strength to accept and cope with the unexpected and when life so often just doesn't go the way I want!!!


Hi Penny, THANKYOU! After three weeks of a VERY troublesome back, for which I haven’t managed to have any treatment due to the holidays followed by being snowed in, I am suddenly 90% better! I could feel the yoga doing me good.I have to admit to being one of the people who was asleep by the end of the relaxation last night (as well as the one at the beginning), which shows how much my back problem has affected me. I slept like a log last night , so again THANKYOU! 

Some time, could I ask you about the breathing exercise, as until I went to sleep, I was really enjoying that and would like to repeat it  at home. Love SueJan 2010

 I quote your wisdom to many friends, not in a tiresome way, but as a comforter, the warm soft blanket that makes you feel cherished like a child because it wraps softly round you without making you feel confined.

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