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Class Details, Fees etc
Here you will find information about the classes, term dates and if you scroll down directions to the various venues, fees and what to bring to the sessions as well as a list of what each group is doing this term.

Forthcoming EVENTS shown at the bottom.

Timetable of Classes
in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire




Ability of Most Students

Monday evening

7.30 – 9.00

Aston Ingham
Village Hall

Mixed, some very Advanced.  Beginners currently welcome





Tuesday evening

7.30 – 9.00

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall

Intermediate, likely to become Advanced.







9.15 – 10.45 am 

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall

Mixed some Advanced, Beginners welcome if reasonably strong

Wednesday afternoon

1.00 – 2.30 pm

Upton Bishop Village Hall

Mixed including Very Advanced: Beginners also welcome

Wednesday evening 1.

Wednesday evening 2.

5.45 - 7.15 pm

7.25 - 8.55 pm

Sheppard House (lovely room) in Newent 1. Beginners & Beyond

2. Intermediate





Thursday morning

9.30 – 11.00 am

Aston Ingham Village Hall

Mixed to Advanced, Beginners welcome

Thursday evening

6.00 - 7.30

Ross, John Kyrle Adult Community Centre

Mixed, some excellent students so likely to become Advanced (Currently no spaces)





There are classes to suit all levels and abilities so you can start in an easy group and progress through to advanced or anywhere in between.

Advanced does not necessarily mean supple or strong but relates to, for example, knowing the difference between a breathing practice and pranayama, and, some experience of taking bandhas (locks) in the poses.  If you are not sure which level you would enjoy most just give me a call.

Students are warm, friendly, welcoming and enjoy seeing each other progressing and improving.

The atmosphere is calm, focused and very relaxing, described as "like coming home"!  Some groups like to chat and laugh, others prefer silence.

Description of Venues
(all with good parking)


Aston Ingham Village Hall

Excellent: clean, warm, comfortable and peaceful with a nice wooden floor.

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall

Very new, clean, light, quiet, warm, peaceful and comfortable.

Upton Bishop Village Hall

Superb: clean, light, quiet and peaceful with a comfortable floor.  When the weather is good if you like you can practise outside.

Sheppard House - in Hall, Newent

Super:  light, warm, clean and peaceful with a comfortable floor.

John Kyrle High School Community Centre 
Ross-on-Wye (Room 138)

Warm and comfortable, with a carpeted floor.


Term dates through to July 2019
Please note dates may change 

Autumn Term

Commencing Thursday 6th September

Ending Thurs 6th December

Half-term = from and including Thurs 25th October

re-commencing Mon 5th November

Spring Term

Commencing Mon 7th January

Ending Thursday 28th March

Half-term week = 17th Feb

Summer Term

Commencing Mon 22nd April

Ending Thursday 25th July
Half-term = 2 weeks from Sun 2nd June

 Yoga for Horseriders dates will be decided nearer the time


Payment options:


You are welcome to one free taster session to make sure that you enjoy it.

A good reduction is offered for payment made termly in advance if paid by the date given, averaging out at around £9.50 per session.

The pay-as-you-go fee per session is around £17 and can only be offered in groups that are not yet full.

Paying termly gives you the option of making up for any sessions missed in one of the other classes that are not full (apart from the Horseriders).


Proportionate concessions are made for anyone new joining after the start of their first term.


I am happy to negotiate an adjustment to the fees, or, at my discretion, a refund if you are unable to attend as a result of, for instance, a hospital admission.  

Payment methods:  bank transfer ideally, cheques and cash.

Although some of the classes are full sometimes students are willing to swap into a different group to make space for newcomers. 

either very stretchy or loose clothing with bare feet is best but please wear what you like, some people choose leotards or gym outfits, others prefer loose clothing.

You will need a mat and a light blanket to cover up with during relaxation.  You may wish to bring a block or cushions and one or two ties or non-stretchy belts or similar.  I am happy to advise on the best mats and can sometimes bulk-buy blocks to pass on to you at a reduced price.

Directions to venues for

Yoga in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire

Aston Ingham Village Hall is in the village of Aston Ingham on the B4222 between Kilcot Cross and the A40.  Approaching from Kilcot the Hall is on your left.  Parking areas both sides of the Hall.

Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall, near Gloucester  is just off the main road between Highnam and Newent.  Take the turning to Taynton and Tibberton and the Hall is on your left.  There is parking immediately outside.

Newent, Sheppard House  Approaching from the Gloucester side of Newent, turn left off the B4215 into Gloucester Street.  After passing the filling station on the right, just before the bollards in the middle of the road, take the left turning into Onslow Road then first left takes you to Sheppard House.  There is a large car park on the right then just walk round to the other side of the building and in through the main entrance.

Upton Bishop Memorial Hall is on the B4221.  Approaching from Newent or Junction 3 of the M50 it is on the left about 300 metres before the Moody Cow.  Coming from Ross or Hereford take the B4221 from the crossroads in Upton Bishop towards Newent and the Hall is on your right hand side.  Large car park.

John Kyrle Adult Community Centre is in Ross-on-Wye.  From the roundabout by Labels take the Ledbury Road towards Ross town centre then turn right into John Kyrle School and right into the car park.  Walk with your back to the main road along a tarmac path between the football pitch and tennis courts almost to the back of the pitch.  After entering the building through the entrance on the end you go left through double doors then up the stairs to your left, through double doors again and then left along a corridor to the first room on the left.

Dymock Village Hall is on the Ledbury Road in Dymock.  From Newent turn right by Prout's Garage, from Hereford direction turn left just before the Garage, and the Village Hall is on your left.  From Ledbury the Hall is on your right near the Church just before the T junction.  Parking is alongside the Hall or on Prout's forecourt.  We do Yoga upstairs.

What the different groups are doing:-

All levels go through the full range of moves the body needs (forward, backward, side, inverted and balanced) enjoy a varied mixture of dynamic (moving) poses, static ones, balancing poses and sequences, to develop grace, fine muscle control, mental and physical equilibrium and stamina as well as the usual strength and flexibility


There is a quiet, focused, very relaxed atmosphere though always ready to smile and laugh.  Many breathing and other techniques are explored finishing with deep relaxation and sometimes meditation.

Ways of opening into meditation, with and without seed, include techniques from:  Guided imagery, visualization, Zen, Metta, Mindfulness, observing self-talk, mantra (received or chosen) observation of the breath (Vipassana and other), sounds, pranayama and many more.

Classes are tailored to fit every individual and each term has a THEME, often chosen by or in response to the needs of the students.  Some examples are:

Relieving back-ache

Developing self-confidence

Stopping exam nerves

Relieving anxiety

Managing insomnia (whether from external sources such as young children keeping you awake or internal, such as your mind being over-active)

Energizing and invigorating the body while enhancing the warm outgoing side of your nature

Calming, releasing tension

Finding tranquility in experiencing your sensitivity and enhancing the gentle, receptive, intuitive side of your nature

Exploring the chakras

Keeping osteoporosis at bay

Mudras, which are light positions (often of the fingers only) that have subtle effects on the mind and body.

The observances of Yoga and why we observe them.

Occasionally the philosophy of Yoga is briefly looked at, more for those groups who are curious. 


BEGINNERS learn to move into and hold beautifully accurate poses with grace and harmony.  You learn to flow with the breath, explore breathing techniques (for instance one to balance the appetite, sleep pattern and calm the nerves) and start simple Pranayama which affects every cell of the body.  You start to learn bandhas.  At this beginner-level simple sequences are introduced and you will experience relief from many ailments as well as the benefits of breathing well.

IMPROVING BEGINNERS refine the easy poses and move into poses requiring more strength and flexibility maintaining accuracy and grace.  These are excellent foundation for advanced poses done well (*).  You develop greater control of the breathing and more techniques (which can for instance help a shy introvert become relaxed and outgoing so that they enjoy socialising or work the other way and calm those people who get over-excited and exhausted.  It can also be used for relieving pain).  At this level stronger and more involved sequences are introduced, once the body is strong enough for all the moves, this gives you something to practise at home.  You learn to combine the bandhas with postures where this is beneficial which at this level increases resistance to infection**, improves memory and concentration.

At the INTERMEDIATE level you continue becoming more and more flexible and strong which is reflected in the mind and personality and you explore stronger and more entwined poses.  Here you are likely to start to learn the Headstand if you wish.  You learn more complicated breathing techniques and learn how to incorporate these into poses, this brings benefits such as releasing anger, fear and stress.  You will be doing more advanced pranayama combined with bandhas which together bring marvellous health benefits and can lead you to a discovery of your inner self and the chakras and koshas (subtle bodies).    The Sequences may include balancing and bandhas.  At this level students will find they can easily move through a range of emotions and return at will to tranquillity.

ADVANCING students are very strong, flexible, calm, focused and humorous and can hold even very strong, demanding, entwined poses beautifully, maintaining the perfect asana with fine accuracy and moving with fluidity and grace into and out of the poses.  You will be able to flow smoothly through very strong sequences.  Moving in harmony with the breath will have become natural and effortless which brings the mind into a state of introspection and gives exceptional powers of concentration.  This is a special state because whilst being conscious of your own self you will have developed greater awareness of others, more compassion and empathy.

In ADVANCED groups the warm-ups as well as poses are much stronger because by this level muscles are strong and supple.  Bandhas, breathing techniques and Pranayama are finely tuned and controlled.

In all groups we sometimes make sounds (though you can skip this and don’t worry if you can’t sing, I can’t at all) because these influence the mind and the body and are essential for healing the conditions mentioned.  Controlled Research Trials revealed that it is only when the sounds, pranayama and breathing techniques as well as the poses  are practised that the healing effects are experienced, for instance brain chemistry imbalances and hormone levels are corrected.

Relaxation techniques are practised in all sessions with extras such as visualization, candle gazing etc, and meditation is introduced little by little.   Students find that their minds become steadier and their creativity and imagination enhanced.  Although Yoga Poses done with awareness are in themselves Mindful Meditation we also practice open-focus meditation, for de-conditioning the mind and meditation with seed for conditioning the mind.

Information about the British Wheel of Yoga can be found on:
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