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About the Sessions

Every session is very carefully created and designed in response to the wishes and needs of each student individually.  Penny constantly assesses each student’s progress and then weaves into the sessions postures (asana) that will give them more suppleness and flexibility in readiness for more advanced poses.  Each term is made up of poses selected for every student skilfully brought together to create a perfect whole with every session including all the best ingredients for a perfect Yoga practice.  There is a fluid harmony to each session.

Here is an example of student progression, into the Tortoise pose, Kurmansana



 Above left the student can be seen moving towards Kurmasana, the Tortoise, then, just a few weeks later almost in the pose having become supple enough to master it.

Below Barbara, far left, is making excellent progress and here can be seen folding down into a beautiful Prasarita Padottanasana, which we have nick-named the Drinking Giraffe.  Once she is just a little more supple she too will be ready to learn the Tortoise.



The students above are just beginning to learn an advanced pose called the Scorpion in which both knees are bent as you balance upside down on the forearms.

More advanced breathing techniques and Pranayama are gradually introduced to raise energy through the chakras, to promote good-health and deepen understanding of how to live contentedly in harmony with the way life is.

Penny uses current psychological thinking along with Buddhism, Tao and other teachings to clarify and illustrate Yoga.

The mental and emotional aspects of Yoga are as important in these classes as performing the postures.  Penny explains how the breathing techniques can be used for many benefits; to relax you or to give you more energy; to induce feelings of peacefulness or to raise enthusiasm.  Balancing postures are a key ingredient and Penny eases even students who are convinced they cannot balance into good steady balance.  This is important for their effect on the emotions, helping those who become angry or overexcited to retain that energy but direct it into enthusiasm and just as much helping those who feel lethargic and disinterested to retain their natural tranquillity whilst becoming more vibrantly alive.


Anna, left, absolutely steady in a very tricky balancing pose .. try it!
Right, Varuyas Kriya, a super cleansing pose that boosts immunity requires stamina and strength as well as balance: the back foot is upside down.

Left a class in Natavarasama, Lord Krishna's pose.  Right, Moordhasana is done high on the toes with the head off the floor.

Yoga Classes in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

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